A new sketchbook- Kona Hawaii vacation

Starting a new sketchbook is really intimidating.  I believe the degree of intimidation is proportionate to the cost of the sketchbook and inversely proportionate to the perceived skill of the artist.  It’s all about fear of messing up.  I purchased this book months ago, but saved it up for this vacation. It was to be my  “travel sketchbook,” a travelogue as I had seen other artists do.

Well, I learned a few things. To start off, my first few sketch went back to my old sketchbook. I reasoned that it was just the airport, I had not really arrived.  Then, while casually announcing my plan, my children shamed me into cracking the spine of the new sketchbook – finally. Secondly, I learned I could not sketch fast enough to crank out the number of drawings I had envisioned for myself.  I’ve seen others fill an entire book on one trip, not me, not even close. Thirdly, sketching takes time away from family activities. If I sketched too much, it almost became the central goal of my vacation and a distraction from playing.  It had to be a balance.  Hence, I produced a few sketches after careful consideration.


Even though this was page one of the book, it was not actually the first, second or third sketch!  It was however, the most frequent view I experienced daily on the vacation.


Page 2-3 was the panoramic view of our deck from the condo. We enjoyed reading and breakfast here every morning. The birds chirped, the plumeria lightly perfumed the air and the breeze refreshed us.  Even though I struggled with the feathery texture of the backlit grass, I think it captured the place well enough.

It was such a joy to experience the beauty of the island, being at once in the scene and attempting to record experience dutifully.

Tomorrow I will go on to review more pages. Starting the blog itself was enough for one day.


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