Launching the Endangered Species Prints

As a paper crafter, I had amassed a number of beautiful map pages just waiting to be made into a project. From that, I drew inspiration from photos posted by the US forestry service of threatened and endangered animals (photos Creative Commons Licensing).  Painting such animals gave it a permanence when their existence was threatened otherwise. I found acrylic medium was perfect for applying color as thinly or opaquely as needed, with control and as loosely as I needed. I was thrilled to have made the first Kirtland’s Warbler over the map of the midwest region.  It turns out that parasitic cowbirds lay eggs into the warbler nests, causing the mother to raise chicks not her own. Then the declining young jack pine reduces their chosen places to nest. Warbler outside small

My next project was the California Condor flying over Pacific coast. With majesty, such the large bird soars, and yet, it is considered critically endangered with less than 500 in the wild and captivity together.  California Condor small

I brought these two paintings to my artist group that meets on Thursday mornings, and they were favorably received. That positive encouragement propelled me to go forth and continue this series, which I feel is as much a form of self expression as it is a service to display creatures at risk for extinction.

So far, I have wanted to keep the originals, since I really have not built up any sort of portfolio. This week, after researching materials, suppliers, printers, packaging and shipping options, I am finally able to bring my paintings of endangered birds to the Etsy shop.   More to come.

#endangeredspecies #bird #painting #acrylic #audobonsociety #California #Condor #Midwest #birdwatching #wallart #rightbrainy #elowobig



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