Getting personal and up to date in my Etsy shop

As it is typical with other artists, creating the artwork is my favorite part of the business. I wish I had endless time just to draw and make things. And there is joy in sharing your creation in person and in web publishing.  And there is yet another layer of joy when someone else values your work enough to part with their hard earned money to acquire it.  In the years I’ve had the etsy shop, my customers’ feedback approval have been so encouraging. I think that’s why I’ve kept a lot of my products custom order.

Not to drum up any pity, but I will say that the work tending of the shop and sharing on social media is hard for me. Yesterday, I spent a few hours evaluating my shop and honestly, there was much to update. Since introducing my paintings and prints, I had to think how I would explain this apparent new found passion to my viewers.  This drawing, painting me has always been a part of my life, and yet, not something I have ever tried to sell.  And it has not been natural for me to be more personal publicly, in fact, I have sought the opposite until now.  After all these years, I finally uploaded a picture of myself, and even then, I had difficulty finding one (since I am usually the photographer.)

So as with this blog, everything is a work in process.  The process itself is what I hope to continue writing about, to mark the stages of progress for my own memories.

That being said, I have uploaded two more listings as of today. One of the Western Snowy Plover and the other of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo.  I hope others find these enjoyable to view, even a fraction of my joy in making them.


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