Almost Plein Air, Camas Washington

I had wanted to participate in the Camas Plein Air event.  It would have been my first and it seemed like a good place to start. Camas is a quaint community of Vancouver, WA, and the small sized event seemed less intimidating that other events that have come and gone.  The forecast for that morning was heavy rain, and that was enough for me to decide not to do it. I did not have all the equipment, such as an umbrella!

I did scout out the place and made some preliminary sketches (final painting in the top R corner.) This eventually ended up as a small 8 x 8 acrylic painting on panel. My favorite parts were the people in front of the theater and the light bulbs under the theater overhang.  I did struggle with all the angles in the composition, and finally got it down with a straight edge (note to self.) There was so much complexity to the scene, it was hard to edit it visually for the essential elements. I learned about shadows, light, straight edges, and painting little people. I substituted one of my own favorites for another movie I had not seen.



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