Plein Air Painting with Alla Prima PDX


Over the last few months as often as I can, I have met with this group of artists, Alla Prima Portland,on Thursday mornings in Multnomah Village. This supportive cluster of about 25 or so painters, come to discuss a topic over breakfast and share their latest work. Usually, some members stay longer to draw at a local tea shop, but over the last 2 weeks, some have stayed to paint the neighborhood.  Painting in my front yard gave me enough confidence to go out the next day with the group. It was the first time I painted publicly. My self awareness dissipated as I was absorbed by the scene and only one person of the 8 artists out on that sidewalk.  By noon, the streets were busier and we were all entertaining onlookers.  One older gentleman stopped and offered to take my picture in front of my painting with the scene. He said it that “It will be good for you,” as I later found out that his wife is an artist too. Another young woman passing by was excited when I told her of the Portland Urban Sketchers group that I had connected with beginning this year.  The whole thing was so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again before our weather turns raining in the Pacific Northwest.




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