Dinner and Entertainment

IMG_2364It was Friday, the end of the week. Our family never feels like doing much but winding down. I took the opportunity to not cook this evening, which gave me just enough margin of time this evening to get out my paints. When I have less time, I pull out my watercolors and multimedia sketchbook.  The immediacy of watercolor allows me to just throw it on the paper. The freedom can sometime result in the chaotic, but sometimes, something worth sharing. Here my simple pizza on a paper plate looked reasonably decent, and arguably a little more appetizing than the subject matter which had grown cold in the process.  Hint on drawing food, make sure you’ve fed yourself first or you might find yourself nibbling it away at something that tasted better warmer had it been eaten a wee bit earlier.

Watercolor on sketchbook   – appx 9 x 9in

#pizza #paperplate #watercolor #sketchbook #drawingfood #paintingfood #pepperoni #elowobig #rightbrainyetsy


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