Flowers for my grandma K’s 102nd Birthday


My husband’s grandmother turned 102 yesterday. She loves flowers and chocolate (such a girl) and that’s what we usually give her ever year. Over the last few months, she’s taken interest in my new painting activities. So for that reason, I wanted to give her a flowers of a different type on this birthday.  I started 3 days ago, setting up the still life on my kitchen table. My process is painting it, and photographing it along the way to gain perspective, look over it when I’m away from the canvas, and then make revisions. I worked up until the very last hour, varnishing and photographing it just before I boxed it and wrapped it. I’m embarrassed that I completely forgot about the frame, but will find one for her in the near future. She still got the chocolate, by the way, so either way, she’s happy.

#still life #hydrangea #purple # floral #flower #masonjar #birthdaygift



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