31 paintings in 31 days – Day 1


Some folks in my artist group are challenging each other to paint every day of the month of October.  There’s a small prize, but the real pay off is the progress (hopefully) we gain in the practice of painting. We are to post onto our social media the result of our work, in any media, taken from life or reference.  All subject matter is fair game.

To begin this journey, I painted a can of cream soda.  Not just any pop, but it is my kids’ favorite flavor, so we stock up on this stuff. The empty cans can be seen lying around the house any weekend when pop is allowed to be consumed. Yes, I am trying to please my kids, since their praise for my work is honest and encouraging when earned.

I’m looking for suggestions on what to paint over these days, so please comment if you have ideas. My main goals are to have fun and practice painting in all sorts of subjects and technique. I do shy away from portraits, since one tiny change can really skew the likeness. Aside from that, I’m game for trying.

6 x 6 inches, acrylic on hardboard


#paintingoctober #paintdaily #paintingdaily #sodapop #A&W #creamsoda #popart #junkfood #popcan #allaprima #food #foodpainting #highfructosecornsyrup #hfcs #sugar #calories #sweet #diet


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