Day 2 of 31 paintings in 31 days of October


So I reached out to my FB friends and asked for requests and suggestions on what to paint. I received a dozen or more suggestions within a few hours, so much that I don’t even know where to begin. I love that my friends want to participate and have a new perspective on what they see as beauty, or cool, or interesting.

Day 2 is on a weekend, and though it would seem I have more time, this particular Sunday had enough scheduled in that I could not paint until the evening. I really wanted to do a good job on this lovely photo my friend Kathy sent me but painting by incandescent lighting is so inadequate for judging colors.  I finally finished a little past 11pm and uploaded to social media (again, the rules of the #paintingoctober challenge). Of course, immediately after, I see there are things that I would change.

I think the spirit of this exercise is to paint regularly and frequently, not trying to make a masterpiece of it. If that were the case, I’d probably give up. But the element of social media keeps me motivated and accountable, and so I do want to do a good job. So in order to achieve both ends, I may have to pare down the subject matter, make them “studies” and keep them small.

Here is the 8 x 8 acrylic on gessoed hardboard I did of the chapel in Yosemite.  Photo credit to my friend Kathy Pemberton.

#yosemite #chapel #church #landscape #red #mountains #california #statepark #paintingoctober #acrylicpainting


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