Day 6 finishing the Alaskan Curlew


Thursdays are my mornings to gather with other artists at Alla Prima Portland. That takes up most of my morning, but does not reduce the usual chore and errands I do before the kids return from school and game practice.  Then it’s picking up and transferring to lessons, dinner, and cleanup. So in the time I had, I finished up one of my endangered species birds I began but left on the back burner. When I left the painting, I was fatigued by painting precisely and so small.  I was also stuck when the texture of the bird feathers blended too much into the map background, causing it to fade without enough contrast. Today, after Annie at the meeting mentioned my birds, I decided to give it another go.  I’ll just post it today but probably won’t have time to list anything in the Etsy shop until the weekend.

This is an Eskimo Curlew, photocredit :


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