Giving to ministry through paintings

As I have amassed a small following of FB friends who view my art daily and encourage me, I have been thinking of how to bless other people through painting. This month, I received a letter of need for a church community in Nigeria that has suffered from flood damage to their homes and their crops. While praying for this community, I was inspired to give away my paintings from the #Paintingoctober challenge to raise money for them. I am personally connected to a key member of Glad Tidings Ministries, and can feel confident the funds are put to prudent use. There are two other non-profits that are currently on my heart (though I could choose so many) that I would also direct funds from paintings to support. These are the Good News Community Health Center ( and Camp Odakoda (  Camp Odakoda is a weeklong summer camp for youth with autism who would not have such an experience outside the trained camp staff who provide a bully-free, be-your-self, medically supportive and super fun camp. Good News Community Health is a non-profit community clinic that serves the under and uninsured in Rockwood, the most economically challenged region of Portland, Oregon. I have been serving as a volunteer for 8 years, and have served on the board for 7 years. More than meeting their medical needs, patients are treated as a whole person to include their social, emotional and spiritual health. As with Glad Tidings, I know the folks who head up these organizations personally and can wholeheartedly endorse their mission and use of funds.

If you’d like to know more about these ministries, please contact me. Know that my other paintings for sale through the, will come to me personally. I am thrilled that as of posting this painting give-away, I’ve already had two donors for two paintings within a few hours.  Hopefully, more will follow to meet the economic needs of these groups.



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