Practicing doesn’t need an audience

I have been painting a lot less this month due to all the extra things to do around Christmas. So after craving it for so long I decided I just wanted to do something, but nothing really challenging or ambitious. I wanted to practice painting from life, and do a better job of establishing tonal values. I reached for a couple things just laying around, this Asian tea pot and a 6×6 panel. The panel had a reddish black underpainting which was actually an experiment in pouring paint. It was really ugly and I just wanted something to paint, and planned to paint over it. But as I continued with this, the blobby swirly background began to look like smoke emanating. The red and black kinda references the Asian theme. I wished I had considered the color scheme since my pot really was a mixture of a couple different blues that were already on the palette and burnt umber, so really not pulling any harmonious colors here. There comes a point, that you start to like it, and treat it as something precious, but that gets away from the original purpose- practice. What musician expects an audience to appreciate their practicing? So in the same way, I should just appreciate the experience of this practice rather than trying to make everything work out like a showable piece of art. So this is practice today.


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