I think I’m in love… with casein

So I had been watching all these videos James Gurney publishes on YouTube. He is a fantastic artist, teacher, and seems like an all around nice guy. Although I was resolved not to buy any more art supplies than I needed, my son surprised me with a James Gurney video, Casein in the Wild, for Christmas. Well I did not need much more encouragement to get a set of tubes. After ordering from Dick Blicks and waiting what seemed forever for the paints to come, I finally got a chance to use them today. 

I began this sketch in watercolor (I’ll explain in another post) and knew it wasn’t going as I liked. I really do not do much watercolor except a quick wash over inked drawings, so I really did not have any skill. You have to think backwards, painting the lights, and progressively getting darker. I did not really plan well, and reached for the casein for its opacity. This stuff not only covers well, it’s smooth, easy to use (watersoluable), intense colors, and easy to clean up. It dries quickly and can be mixed with watercolor. I love it already. I wanted to keep painting but the scene got dark.

Now I have too many toys, so many choices and so little time. Can’t wait til tomorrow…


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