Just draw when you don’t have time


So yesterday, I had a day long strategic planning meeting for the non-profit board I’ve been serving on for a few years. I knew that when finished with that, I would have to pick up kids, make dinner, clean, etc. ┬áSo during the meeting I snuck in some quick sketches. I have to be careful, since drawing takes my brain out of the meeting. I pick my moments when the conversation goes on tangents or digressions. ┬áThere are many days when I never get to drawing or painting at all, but I realize that the loss is mine. So even if I can sneak in a couple of quick sketches, it engages my mind and hand like regular exercise.

Not drawing is like getting flabby

As time always seems to be a limiting factor for me, my enthusiasm for painting has left my drawing skills stagnant. In the end this has hurt me. Like regular physical exercise, honing  my drawing skills just allows me to get past the language and get to the communicating.  Last week when I had little time for either, I carried my sketchbook around more often. Here is a bunch of people listening. Without a pencil, I just tried to get the line right with first stroke.  Here I used a Noodler’s Ahab pen with a flexible untipped nib and hand mixed sepia ink.

Travel sketching after the trip- Longbeach, WA

It seems like such a romantic idea to sit on site and sketch the scene while traveling. While I have had some vacations that allowed for that, this trip to Longbeach, WA did not. I was taken by this quaint beach hotel and snapped two photos from my passenger side window. No I did not get a chance to experience the quaint hotel, it was merely a reaction to the site. 

Now more than a week after the trip itself, we are into the drizzly days Oregon is known for. There are last minute preparations for school and gatherings with friends to be shared before the last days of summer are spent. So in the evenings when I have nothing to draw, I return to my photos on trips for inspiration.

This was watercolor done at 11:00 ish PM in my “bad” sketchbook.